Discovery journey

Together we have set out on a journey, shaping our dreams and ideals, but only together can we truly be a community.
There is room to further develop the vision so that together this village can flourish.
Together on a beautiful journey of discovery!

Seeing each other

We listen to each other, are sincere, see the love, greatness and qualities in the other,
and validate this by being each other's biggest fan, honest and vulnerable. 
Talking and acting with a pure heart, in a respectful way about yourself and the other. 
A living community where we can say with a loving heart, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.
This is how we create beautiful, deep valuable friendships.


We are all connected to each other. 
Grow and learn by sharing talents, skills, knowledge, passions and dreams, as well as highlighting each other's dark sides. 
Invite each other to be the best version of yourself. 
So that it is a celebration of giving and receiving where happiness and gratitude flow in abundance.


You do what you say, reliable and clear. 
This village is transparent, all knowledge and information is available to all. 
Also financially, the income and expenses of this village are transparent.


Our aim is to live as healthily and naturally as possible while respecting nature. 
This applies to food, personal care, building works and we also have an eye for quality and beauty.  
 After the forest fire that raged across our property and caused a lot of damage, we feel extra strongly that we want to be a smoke-free place. 
The use of marijuana and other mind-altering substances on a daily basis does not fit with being conscious for us.

Standing still

We like to reflect on achieved goals and celebrate them. 
The rhythm of the seasons makes us enjoy living with a natural clock. 
 And we see moon phases as beautiful moments to express desires, intentions and gratitude to each other.


No matter how well we do our best for nonviolent communication in Vale da Alegria.....we are also just human beings with our idiosyncrasies.
This can clash, lead to misunderstandings and cause conflicts. We see this as opportunities for insights, growth and life lessons for all parties. 
Everything is allowed to be there, sadness, pain, anger etc. share it in an open learning communication with each other, speak out, look at it, help each other. 
In this way each of us grows into a more beautiful human being. 
When we can't work it out we follow the conflict resolution process. This roadmap is described in a separate document.

Free land

There is a plan to bring Vale da Alegria under a creative legal form. 
This means that the land and common buildings are not negotiable. 
In this way, the future existence of this village and its ideals will be guaranteed.

Joyful money

We see money as an abundant friend, an energy that 'feeds' us on all fronts. 
At Vale da Alegria, we allow "money energy" to flow with pure intention and a loving heart, knowing that when you give money a joyful purpose, it benefits yourself and the greater good.


We love animals and welcome cats, chickens, beehives and whatever else comes our way. 
However, we do think it is important that the animals are nice to the community and the other animals, so preferably no dogs that bark a lot, jump and/or run after the cats, chickens or other animals.


We experience this life as a grand adventure, grateful to be a part of it. 
Supported and guided by a higher, loving all-encompassing Consciousness with endless possibilities and choices.
The "dance" of life.