Wim (written by Punam)

Wim, a passionate, driven and adventurous man. Father of three children, proud grandfather and founder and guardian of Vale da Alegria.
He went in his life from bookkeeper, to carpenter/contractor and for the past 30 years he has had the opportunity to design and build the most beautiful ecological buildings. 
It is his great passion to create a beautiful and sustainable work of art out of everything. 
Way ahead of his time, because 30 years ago organic building was not so common. But the visionary in Wim is strong, an enormous drive, faith and trust brings him where he wants to be. 
Inspired by masters like Willem de Ridder and Roy Martina, he learned about manifesting your dreams and since then he only talks and acts in the desired outcome, enormously inspiring. 
Creating this community is his desire to live together with other fine people in a completely pure way. Where time and money are no longer the driving force but joyful playing, learning and discovery. 

Wim gets joy from passing on his rich building experience. In addition, he is a very loving man with much wisdom and life experience who can listen attentively and give honest, and therefore often instructive, responses.
Together, with his great beloved, he now intensely enjoys creating this piece of paradise on earth.

Punam (written by Wim)

Her name Punam, received from Osho, means "Full Moon" and so true of her. Fully feminine, enthusiastic and above all wise. Lives as an artist of joyful living. 
Proud mother of a son, founder and guardian of Vale da Alegria and my faithful companion in the adventurous life we live together. Full of distant travels, adventures and dreams. 
Her soul mission is "to touch other people's hearts" and she does, wherever she is in the world. Beautiful and warming. 
An artist in the field of felt and mosaic. Her creative brain helps her create the most joyful and inspiring works of art. On the other hand, she does not shy away from carpentry or loam. 
A clear connection to Source makes her give powerful channelings and sees it as a gift to be allowed to be a conduit of messages that are so eager to be seen and told. 
Having played gymnastics all her life, and worked as a gym teacher for 18 years, she still enjoys sports and now focuses on Aerial Silk (making arts in circus fabrics). 

After her many wonderful travels, she is intensely grateful to land in this beautiful place and realize her dream of creating a loving world together.