Do you feel the inner call to take full responsibility for the life you dream of?

Do you want to consciously go for a natural lifestyle, off-grid and low-tech environment, where we share our qualities with each other and live our full potential? 
In Vale da Alegria, we consciously celebrate this life and build together a new reality that we know in our hearts is possible and where every person and child feels seen and free.  
Right now there are two of us, Punam and Wim, and with this piece of land we have laid the foundation to share our ideals with others. 
There is place in this 26-acre village for about 20 permanent villagers and children. In addition, we welcome volunteers for short or longer periods of time.
To live here you first rotate in as a volunteer for at least three months, that way the community can feel and discover if it clicks with each other.
If yes, then there is the possibility to come and live in this village and you may build your own house here. A house worthy of the vision of Vale da Alegria, so built with natural materials and an eye for beauty. For example, a yurt, kota, gypsy wagon or a tiny house. 

Wim and Punam have created the foundation with their purchase and there are many wonderful building plans. We finance the necessary investments from the deposits of new residents. Each new permanent resident makes a financial deposit of 5,000 euros per person as working capital. You will get this amount back once you decide to leave the community. 

The yearly living allowance, place to live, water, electricity, internet is budgeted at 3,000 euros per person for a year.
A couple or family pays 5,000 per year. 

The aspiration is that in five years the community will be fully co-sufficient and functioning, with full vegetable garden, food forest, income from retreats etc. that Vale da Alegria will cover all costs itself. The annual housing allowance can then be reduced or even abolished, creating financial freedom and freeing us from the usual housing costs. 

New residents will still be asked to pay the original fee for the first five years to keep it equal to those who have already moved in.

If you leave this place, you may of course take your house again or possibly resell it to the community or another resident.



In addition, there is another aspect that we value highly and that is, that you give a commitment to actively participate, build, run and care for Vale da Alegria. And thus feel the desire to build a joyful community together. If you are only looking for a place to live, this is not your place. 

The starting point is that we carry the basic work, as love for the village, together and the estimation is that each person is committed to this for 10 hours a week. 

What that is for you, you can choose for yourself, for example contributing one of your talents, such as maintaining a website or baking bread for the community. It can also be several things and it can alternate, for example working in the garden, helping on a construction project and hosting a dance night. 

We don't keep track of hours, you contribute and you feel for yourself what is right. We assume in this construction that everyone does what he likes and actually likes to contribute and feels responsible for the whole, after all, it concerns your own place to live, your own village. And then again, it is super fun and sociable to work with other people to create a beautiful world. 

Let us be an inspiration to the children and the children a wonderful inspiration to us.

School of Flowering

Children are our great example of growth. Their natural drive to learn life is great and unique and individual to each child. How nice is it to help them do this?

Our ideal, dream is a school on site, in the middle of nature, where the children of Vale da Alegria and from the surrounding area are welcome. And that from this safety they may learn to discover life. 

Every raised child (adult) has their own talents to share and so we believe that the school can be run by all parents and residents who take on a lesson every week. For example, sports classes, construction, creative classes, singing, yoga, gardening, etc. 
Undoubtedly there will also be a real teacher or master living in the community who can teach subjects such as language and arithmetic and take care of the big picture of the school. 

In addition, we would also like to ask for a Portuguese teacher who can also teach the adults the beautiful Portuguese language on a weekly basis.

Villagers gallery



Wim, a passionate, driven and adventurous man. Father of three children, proud grandfather and founder and guardian of Vale da Alegria.
He went in his life from bookkeeper, to carpenter/contractor and for the past 30 years he has had the opportunity to design and build the most beautiful ecological buildings. 
It is his great passion to create a beautiful and sustainable work of art out of everything. 
Way ahead of his time, because 30 years ago organic building was not so common. But the visionary in Wim is strong, an enormous drive, faith and trust brings him where he wants to be. 
Inspired by masters like Willem de Ridder and Roy Martina, he learned about manifesting your dreams and since then he only talks and acts in the desired outcome, enormously inspiring. 
Creating this community is his desire to live together with other fine people in a completely pure way. Where time and money are no longer the driving force but joyful playing, learning and discovery. 

Wim gets joy from passing on his rich building experience. In addition, he is a very loving man with much wisdom and life experience who can listen attentively and give honest, and therefore often instructive, responses.
Together, with his great beloved, he now intensely enjoys creating this piece of paradise on earth.


Her name Punam, received from Osho, means "Full Moon" and so true of her. Fully feminine, enthusiastic and above all wise. Lives as an artist of joyful living. 
Proud mother of a son, founder and guardian of Vale da Alegria and my faithful companion in the adventurous life we live together. Full of distant travels, adventures and dreams. 
Her soul mission is "to touch other people's hearts" and she does, wherever she is in the world. Beautiful and warming. 
An artist in the field of felt and mosaic. Her creative brain helps her create the most joyful and inspiring works of art. On the other hand, she does not shy away from carpentry or loam. 
A clear connection to Source makes her give powerful channelings and sees it as a gift to be allowed to be a conduit of messages that are so eager to be seen and told. 
Having played gymnastics all her life, and worked as a gym teacher for 18 years, she still enjoys sports and now focuses on Aerial Silk (making arts in circus fabrics). 

After her many wonderful travels, she is intensely grateful to land in this beautiful place and realize her dream of creating a loving world together.