Our mission is to be an inspiring and joyful village community. 
To share in it with an open heart. 
An invitation to grow in all areas, with each other and the environment. Towards a new reality. 
We use the advisory process, dream circles, ownership and sharing of our gifts, passions and sociability.

Advisory process

The advisory process is a decision form where everyone in the community can make decisions.
The first logical step is to see if it is in line with the vision of Vale de Alegria. The next step is that you;
a) Seek advice from anyone on whom your decision may impact.
b) Seek advice from those who have knowledge and/or expertise on the subject. 
With this information, you take full responsibility for implementing your decision. 

This way of decision-making allows everyone to do business with pleasure, wisdom and responsibility. It avoids hierarchy and it strengthens the feeling of a shared living community.
Asking for advice brings us closer together, more involved and ensures that you don't have to wait endlessly for permission from the other person but can get started right away.
dream circle

Dream circle

Do you want to dream your life or live your dreams?  

How can your dream, also become the dream of our community? 
First, share your dream with the regular residents in the weekly dream circle.

What does your dream look like (for example, make, describe or draw a vision board of this)?
Why do you want to realize this dream?
What will it take to move from the dream stage to reality?
Seek advice from people on whom your dream impacts and who have knowledge or expertise in this area. 
Through this process, your dream is guided from your head, through your heart (by sharing with each other), to your hands to come to creation and manifestation.


Everyone in the village of Vale da Alegria has one or more projects/tasks he or she is in charge of.
You have the freedom to put it down your way and are responsible for it. Fellow residents and volunteers consult directly with you. 
This ownership (for example, the vegetable garden) allows you to give it all your passion and make it into something wonderful. 
It is important that the project you take on is something you really like, or want to learn, so that you feel joy and enthusiasm.
Regularly in the dream circle we discuss everyone's projects to see how it goes, whether there is change or help is needed, but especially to see each other in what we do, to express each other's appreciation for all the beautiful things that arise.

Open Space

The power of Vale da Alegria is sharing in Love and Joy. 
Think meditation, yoga, breathing session, music night, drum circle, lecture on a special topic, creative workshop, special walk, fan club, dance night, cacao ceremony, women's/men's circle, scavenger hunt, full moon ritual, movie night, a party or an inspiring story by the campfire.
It really could be anything. 

There is an Open Space board where you can make known what you would like to share with your fellow residents and volunteers. You state on the board, date, time and what, if anything, it requires. Also, after a meal, you can enthuse us through a short pitch. 

The idea is, that we enjoy discovering the endless qualities we possess together.

Eating together

We like and enjoy eating together. We carry this co-creation all together, from harvesting vegetables, washing and cutting to washing the dishes. 

Every day there is an possibility (but not an obligation) to join the meals. 
As long as the village is not yet self-sufficient, the permanent residents contribute to the cost of food. 
The volunteers work on a subsistence basis and eat free of charge.
There is a board on which you sign up for the meal, a kitchen task or as that day's cook. 
About twice a month we hold a fun pizza party at Vale da Alegria. During the day we make dough and toppings and in the evening we share the pizzas.