Vale da Alegria

Together, everything is more enjoyable
Vale da Alegria (Valley of Joy) was born out of a dream to create a magical place together with other people. 
A better world, which we know in our hearts is possible.
This place in southwest Portugal attracts us, because of its beauty, the pristine nature, with the ocean nearby and the sun that feeds us. 
Here, anno 2023, we are starting a living community because we feel we want to live in a different way, off-grid, where we work playfully and are co-sufficient.

A village where we are each other's biggest fan and see personal growth as wealth.
To live in full bloom, share your qualities and shape your dreams.
Where we engage everything, to celebrate your dance of life in an abundant way, totally and intensely.


Do you long to co-create this magical place?
Living the life you dream of? 
Off-grid and co-sufficient?
Do you feel it's time to go for the ideal with a healthy lifestyle, where we laugh, sing, play, build together and live our full potential?
Then feel welcome.

in this start-up phase, we are especially in need of adventurous pioneers who enjoy being at the grassroots with us.